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Butterflies in the jungle

Butterflies in the jungle


Tiny Wearable Art

We hand print each organic cotton onesie with a variety of Flora & Fauna patterns.

Your one-of-a-kind little one deserves clothes that are just as unique as they are. Using classic patterns from our silkscreen vault, each onesie is hand printed on organic cotton. Each design takes hours to create but the result is timeless in style and comfort.

This onesie features a choice of designs including; Palms, Butterflies, Bees, and our Basketwork Pattern. Onesies are custom printed on organic ivory cotton on the front only.

Size 6-12 months, short sleeve.


Silkscreening is an art form and, like any art form, the results are unique. We don’t use machines to create perfect copycat pieces every time. Instead, we use our own human hands to apply every bit of ink you see. If you notice extra dots and dabs of paint, consider it our personal wish to wear and use your item in good health and good luck.

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