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About Us

Chelsea & Koa @ Tillett Textiles Factory - 2016

My first job was pinning fabric to a print table and washing paint out of silkscreens; I was probably five-years old. I spent my youth studying my grandparents in their painting studio and my folks in their hand-printing fabric factory. And now, I've created a children's textile company. 

As an adult, I worked in television production in New York City. After a decade of pounding the pavement I was burnt out and sick. I moved to San Francisco to take a healing journey through Chinese medicine school. It was and is still is a path that gives me great joy. During my master's program I fell in love, got married, and gave birth to my daughter, Koa. 

After that everything changed. Family became my focus and I was captivated with LEGACY. My family's four generations of creating hand-printed textiles became a passion and I wanted Koa to be part of it. As a new mom I was surrounded by boring animal prints and inferior-quality products. I knew I could do better. Being a human burp cloth should look fabulous! And so, my brother, Patrick, and I dove into the family's treasure trove of patterns and printed our own baby textiles: swaddles, scarves, newborn burp cloths, and one-of-a-kind onesies.

We do things differently at tinyT by highlighting Collections versus individual products. When we chose the patterns, we created a story to connect them all. We see each of these products as a narrative that tells a piece of our family history. Most of the patterns in our current Collections are over forty years old.
tinyT is dedicated to creating handprinted fabrics for life's tiny joys. 


- Chelsea Tillett


The Care and Handling of Your tinyT Goods 

tinyT products are printed on 100% Cotton Muslin Double Gauze. This magical material is delicate enough for a newborn's skin but sturdy enough for toddler playtime. The more you wash, the softer it gets. Seriously.

As soon as you receive your tinyT Textile, wash it and tumble dry low. You’ll be amazed how much it softens with just one wash. In addition to added softness with repeated use, your tinyT product will develop natural wrinkling patterns that enhance the texture and look. In other words, it will age just as gracefully as you do.  


BEFORE WASH                                AFTER ONE WASH

The Making of tinyTs

What does Hand Printing mean? 

Every tinyT product is lovingly made by a team of experienced craftspeople. Each piece of fabric is stretched on our printing tables and then, using silkscreen frames built and designed here over four generations, ink is applied by hand. 

Here's how it's done.


Silkscreening is an art form and, like any art form, the results are unique. We don’t use machines to create perfect copycat pieces every time. Instead, we use our own human hands to apply every bit of ink you see. If you notice extra dots and dabs of paint, consider it our personal wish to wear and use your item in good health and good luck.

We put a lot of love into this work. Thank you for supporting our family run business.