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Look at my baby! Please?

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The art of distraction. 

When I found out I was pregnant there was an immediate countdown clock to when I’d start showing. When would people notice I had a pregnant belly instead of looking like I ate too many tacos? When would people want to ‘rub my belly’? When would I feel little kicks inside? It seemed to take a lot longer than I thought it would. By 6 months it was undeniable. You give up on trying to hide or make-do with your normal clothes and brave the world of maternity wear. I didn’t have much luck. Feeling fashionably fabulous while growing a tiny human wasn’t in my wheel house. I made do. 

At nine months I started to have fun. That belly has a mind of it’s own at that point. It touches people, they touch it, entire hours of feeling moving arms and legs beneath the surface go by - it’s not only alien, it’s a foreign piece of yourself. There's no hiding it, everyone stares at it - but it doesn’t feel so much at you. The belly has taken over. 

Postpartum body is another thing entirely. The belly has gone from a funhouse to a TLC makeover show. Everyone tells you to ‘give it time’, to be in amazement of what your body just did, to relish the voluptuousness of your womanly essence. Bugger off. What the hell do you wear? Maternity clothes inherently highlight your belly – ah, no thanks and normal clothes are just a cruel joke. Body purgatory, that’s what my postpartum body feels like to me. 

How do I cope? I dress my baby in adorable conversational prints, bright colors, mixed patterns and gender-bending color palettes. Why? Because now you are looking at my baby – not me. I can wear my purgatory clothes in safety while parading my child in her carrier, wrap or hip. It ain’t about me, no sir, it’s all about my baby. 

The only item that makes sense to wear is something that can withstand the inevitable flow of drool, milk and goo that is baby. It all started with wearing swaddle blankets. A constant rotation of dry, somewhat clean, swaddles that I’d wrap, roll and tie around myself. I was always prepared for the flow of baby fluids coming my way. Now, if only those swaddle blankets were cool. See what I did there? An idea was born. tinyT Textiles. 

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